Sarmite Wearable Art Sarmite Wearable Art

Sarmite Wearable Art garments are made from high quality wool material - using wool melton, merino wool or cashmere.

The insets are hand-woven chenille collages enhanced with our classic embroidery. In many of our garments we combine hand-woven materials from two or three weavers.

Our signature bindings are made from natural silk and each garment is fully lined with satin.

To complete your garment with that unique, one of a kind look that Sarmite Wearable Art is known for, we use handmade or cast buttons made from sterling or bronze by Jean Keeshin of Sebastopol, CA.

All of our garments are dry clean only.

Pricing begins at 150.00 dollars (US currency).

Sarmite Wearable Art